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Ascention Assets provides transportable building solutions to remote and regional WA.

Ascention Assets offers a modern, extensive range of portable buildings. If you are looking for a site office for a civil works or a portable cabin to place on your property, Ascention Assets can provide a solution for you. Contact us now on 1300 672 343 or email info@ascention.com.au

manufacture, sale and hire of transportable buildings

Whether temporary or portable, Ascention Assets has the right modular building system available to suit your needs.


Asceniton Assets Head Office is located
in Perth and provides services to clients
projects in the South and Mid-West regions.
We also have a convenient location in the
Pilbara servicing clients projects in
the North West region.

About Us

Ascention Assets is a leading-edge supplier of modular buildings,
we pride ourselves on our ability to innovate and evolve with
industry initiatives and to meet future demand.

Portable Buildings

Ascention Assets supplies Portable Buildings in many different features and configurations, such as 9/3 Split office configuration has a large office one end of the building and a medium size office at the opposite end of the building. Configuration 3/6/3 split office has Offices either end of the building and a large office in the centre. Depending on the requirement from the client we can modify our portable buildings to suit you.

  • Mine Sites
  • Civil Sites
  • Site sheds for rural properties
  • Kiosks for events

  • Features:
  • Cyclone rated
  • Windows
  • Power Points
  • Air Conditoners
  • Transportable Buildings have many different uses

    transportable, relocatable, movable, portable, buildings are used in the construction and civil industry

    Portable CabinsPortable Buildings Uses
    Portable buildings can be used for various uses, storage space structures, temporary toilets, offices, stores, home extensions, garages, classrooms, day-cares, commercial shops, or even as temporary or permanent residential units.

    They are also used as guard huts, production rooms, fitting rooms, film set quarters, and also temporary working space for construction workers on site projects. Other applications are as temporary shelters for disaster victims or the homeless, military camps, kiosks, and dormitory-style accommodation for company employees who wish to live far from their job site.

    Transportable DemountablesWhy Transportable Buildings are Important

    These buildings are basically financially cheaper and more affordable compared to conventional structures. They provide cost-effective accommodation solutions for mine camps who require transportable accommodation for their workers.

    Business owners view these structures as cost-effective solutions for expanding their office spaces without incurring too many expenses. Such structure is quick to install and is therefore ideal for fast growing businesses that require expansion in the short term.

    Portable OfficeAdvantages of Transportable Buildings

    The fact that it’s very expensive to construct a new building from scratch; this makes transportable buildings the ultimate choice for many. The good news is that they not only provide a cost-effective solution for additional housing or office, or accommodation solutions, but also come with a wide array of benefits.

    Movable buildings are well recognised for their versatility. They are made from expanded-polystyrene panel. These buildings are designed to meet BCA, Energy Efficiency and Electrical Standards.

    Looking for a Mobile Crib Hire Wagon.

    Mobile Crib WagonThe Mobile Crib Wagon For Hire
    Seats 12 people and is completely self-sustainable, with its own generator, large water tank, and waste tank. Also includes, kitchenette, toilet, and a hot water system.
    Mobile Crib Wagon can be supplied with Kitchenette, Urn, Microwave, Pie Warmer, Refrigerator and freezer, Lunchroom Tables, Lunchroom Chairs, Hot Water System, Toilet and Urinal, Air Conditioning, 9Kva Generator, Water Tank, Waste Tank.
    Easily transportable, spacious, and easy setup. Suitable for Construction Site, Mine Site, Events, Mobile Camps.

    The Mobile Crib Wagon is the ideal solution for mine site, construction sites, mining camps, and site offices in the city. Great for road projects and rail corridors.

    Fast & Flexible Solution
    The Mobile Crib Hire Wagon is a mobile site office, meeting room, lunch room & toilet all in one. It has been made of strong and durable but light-weight material, which allows it to be towed by a four-wheel drive or light truck. You can pack it up and move it to another destination in no time at all.

    Ascention delivers modular and mobile units of the highest standard and optimised for optimal working conditions for your employees.

    Mobile units like the Mobile Crib Wagon have the following features:

    • Lower Transport Costs – The light-weight but sturdy construction makes the Mobile Crib easy tow-able. All it takes is a 4 wheel drive or small truck to two it away.
    • Space saver – Not only does it take up little space, because of it’s mobility it is also easy to find it a suitable spot. And you can easily move it around to another spot if their is a requirement.
    • Quick Removal – The Mobile Crib Wagon closes down in minutes, thus there is very little work required to remove it from site at the end of the project.
    • Energy efficient – The efficient construction of the Mobile Crib Wagon makes it highly energy efficient, requiring much less energy than comparable units, decreasing your costs even further.